Werkgroep Kriegsmarine Activities

- To expand the knowledge about the former Kriegsmarine and to enable research in this area in relationship with The Netherlands during the years 1940-1945;

- To encourage contacts between people with an interest in the Kriegsmarine;

... in the broadest sense, by being a ....

1. Keeper of knowledge of all aspects of the Kriegsmarine and shipping during the German occupation of the Netherlands:

  • Kriegsmarine organization, including all subordinate sea and land units and establishments
  • Kriegsmarine operations in/around/staged in Holland
  • History of TUFT vessels in the service of the Wehrmacht and/or civil authorities
  • New construction, reconstruction and repairs by Wehrmacht and/or civil authorities
  • Recovery of Dutch vessels and financial compensation for their owners after the war

2. Meeting point for people with an interest in the Kriegsmarine in general, with regard to:

  • Development, organization en new construction
  • Surface units and submarines operations

3. Meeting point for people with an interest in other aspects of naval warfare during WWII:

  • Royal Netherlands Navy, Dutch merchant navy, fishery, towing and inland navigation/li>
  • Other navies in relationship to matters specified above
  • etcetera

The Werkgroep wants to reach these goals by:

  • Organizing 3-4 meetings yearly and organizing training sessions and lectures
  • Publishing a magazine in the Ducth language (the Magazine, 3-4 editions yearly)
  • Creating and maintaining a website
  • Seeking co-operation with other organizations, interest groups etc.