In a final effort to disrupt allied shipping in coastal waters the Germans operated midget submarines out of Ymuiden and Hook of Holland. This website is devoted to Type 127 Uboats, better known as Seehund (Seal).


A German language forum for everybody who is interested in the former German Kriegsmarine, especially history students, ship lovers and modellers.


An English language forum with many discussions on the Kriegsmarine, organized in several categories like collector's items, vessels, community items and a virtual market.


The (German language) site of the U-Boot-Museum in Cuxhaven. Besides information on the museum itself you will find lots of technical data on all German Uboats from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present.


The (German language) site of the Historisches MarineArchiv (Historical Navy Archive) builds a platform for presenting information, papers and reports on the history of the German navies through the ages.


The Starfish Diving Team have been investigating many wreck sites off the Dutch coast, including torpedoboat V 84 and Uboat UB 61, commissioned by the Kaiserliche Marine (WW I). This Dutch language site offers lots of information, also on other wrecks, like HMS E.3.


The Wrakduikstichting "De Roompot" is currently engaged in the recovery of the Marinefährprahm MFP 920DM wreckage in the Veerse Meer. NAS1 (Nautical Archaeology Society) certified divers are active members of this organisation.

Nippon Kaigun  

Ships, armament and operations of the Japanese Navy are the subjects of this site, where an interesting paper can be found on the final and inevitable defeat of Japan in WWII.





The Bunkermuseum Ymuiden has been established in the former Marine Küstenbatterie Heerenduin, 'Coastal Battery Heerenduin', part of the Atlantik Wall that was surrected in the area that we now know as Ymuiden aan Zee.



The Bunker Archive is a goldmine of information about the German fortifications in the former Festung Ymuiden.


The Bunkerart website has a large collection of official and informal signs and paintings in former German bunkers on display, left behind by workers and soldiers.




The website Go2War2 is the largest Dutch language online encyclopaedia on the Second World War.

Urk in oorlogstijd  

The Urk in WWII website shows the results of researching the Island of Urk history during the Second World War and wants to attract the attention of the Urk inhabitants and other interested people to the subject.