Kriegsmarine Training Facilities

Chassé-kazerne Breda

After completing his elementary training a rating would be sent to a more specific course, tailored to needs of the service branch to which he was assigned. In the last months of the war training detoriated and recruits were pressed into service as infantry, basically to man the Dutch parts of the Atlantic Wall. Nevertheless, a number of SStAs were sent into battle during operation Market Garden. SStA's are known to have been present in the following Dutch towns and cities, mainly using existing Royal Dutch Army barracks and camps:

  • Assen (10.SStA)
  • Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal (16.SStA)
  • Breda (14.SStA)
  • Ede (20.SStA)
  • Groningen (24.SStA)
  • Steenwijk and Wezep (6.SStA)
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