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Who we are and what we do

Everybody will associate the word Kriegsmarine with the Bismarck and the Uboats. But there is much more to tell about this Wehrmacht sector. For this reason the Interest Group Kriegsmarine, or in Dutch Werkgroep Kriegsmarine started a magazine and website of their own in 2004. Our members often have been specializing in certain areas, like the combat logs, officially called Kriegstageb√ľcher or KTBs for short, of Kriegsmarine-units that operated in Holland, or the Eboats. The information that we collect is used in historical publications in our periodical, the Magazine, but also in books that some of them wrote. Over time the Werkgroep got recognized in maritime circles. We have been consulted, for example, by diving clubs whose members encoutered unknown wrecks of German warships. Then we try to find ou which ship could be involved and how it ended up at that location.


Omslag propagandaboekje ca. 1941What you may expect

Werkgroep members receive our Magazine three times each year. Next, members will be invited to attend a meeting at a historical location, like e.g. the Resistance Museum, the Ymuiden bunker museum and the former Luftwaffe Fighter Direction Centre Diogenes in Schaarsbergen. Of course you can call upon our members' expertise for answering your questions. Are you looking for specific persons or objects, or do you want to expand your knowledge, our Interest Group will try to provide the answers. We have excellent contacts, all over the world, and our archive stores plenty of books and documents.

Click here if you want to take a look at or download the .pdf version of our August 2012 Magazine issue.


What we expect from you

Joining our Interest Group is a formality, everything else is optional. You can be just a member and receive our Magazine, but you may take part in research projects, volunteer for tasks within the organization or contribute to the Werkgroep in any other way. We know that all of us have only limited time to spare, so it's up to you whether you want to participate in our activities or not.


Can I join?

That is no problem. We will charge a € 15.- annual membership fee. Please complete this form to apply for membership.